Sunday, December 1, 2013

Water Brothers

Water-Sharing was introduced to humans by Michael. Water-Sharing is making an emotion, eternal bond with someone by sharing water, or any type of drink. Mike got this idea of water sharing from His people on Mars. Water is such a a rarity on Mars, it is more cherished then diamonds on earth. The martians use it only in Water Sharing. The martians value relationships more than anything else and share drops of water to cement a relationship with a brother ( The Martian adults are only Male). This water sharing is forever and means an ultimate trust and commitment to each other. A water brother can never lead another brother into wrongness and will always do what the other asks. When Michael became water brothers with Jill, she noticed that whatever she told mike, he would do. Even if she told Mike to jump out of the window, he would do it without thinking twice because from his understanding a Water brother can never lead another brother into wrongness, and he would believe that it was the right thing to do and trust his brother all the way up until he smacked against the pavement and discorporated. Becoming water brothers with someone means that both parties are fully committed to loving, trusting, caring and protecting each other. Throughout the book, Michael becomes water brother with many people. In the beginning both Michael and the other water were clueless. Michael thought that human water brothers could do no wrong and never lead Michael to harm, and the human brother had no idea what becoming water brothers meant. Jill and Michael's other water brothers on earth had to learn just what it meant to be water brothers through Mike's teachings and experiences with them.

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