Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Man from Mars

Valentine Michael Smith is the Man from Mars. He is son of two extremely gifted and intelligent astronauts who were part of the first exploration of Mars. Although the first Ship, The Envoy, crashed, Michael survived. He was taken in by the extremely wise and intelligent martians. They taught him all of their ways, how to think, feel,speak martian, Grok, share water, meditate, leave his body and telepathy to move destroy and manipulate anything and anyone. Michael has the Ancestry of a Man but is so far psychologically from humans. Michael had never laid eyes on a human before he was found by the second ship to Mars. He did not know anything of human customs or behavior and was completely oblivious of their being another sex.

We see Michael, throughout the story, as a truly amazing man. He came to earth to learn the ways of humans and relay them back to the Old Ones on Mars for 'Grokking', but ended up teaching humanity the beautiful ways of the Martians. He taught the people he encountered and that would eventually become his family, all of the ways of His Martian people. Michael can do extraordinary things. His ideas and how he interacts with things through grokking, were a feat in of itself, but he had a lot more to offer. Michael does not need to sleep but instead only needs to grok in meditation. In this meditation state, Michael can slow his metabolism to a halt, his heart rate so far down that he was presumed dead by human doctors, and just 'grok' in fullness everything that he has learned and experienced. Michael was the son to two genius's who's IQ were both above 180.This meant Mike was extremely intelligent and, along with his martian teachings, could learn new things at a dizzying pace. Michael has the ability to levitate objects and people. Martian arithmetic and understanding of how the universe ticks, allows him to use telepathy on anything. This telepathy means that Michael can read thoughts, levitate and move objects and people, make objects or people vanish or discorporate (to die). These amazing feats are thanks to Michael's supreme Martian understandings of the universe.Along with telepathy, Michael can exit his body. It is sort of like an out of body experience. While in his meditation state, Michael can exit his, soul or mind, and interact with people and objects without being seen. Michael's abilities are truly amazing and they weren't just limited to him. His teachings to his followers allowed for them to do what Michael can do, but only through vigorous training.

Michael in his meditation state. In this instance, it happens to be at the bottom of a pool.

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