Sunday, December 1, 2013

Michael's Struggle with Earthlings

Valentine Michael Smith is a human by definition, but a martian by action and thinking. This separation starts to become less and less noticeable as the story progresses. Michael begins to find out who he is really is as a person as he begins to grok and understand the ways of the earthlings. Along with his water brothers on earth, Michael sets up the Church of All Worlds. Which is not a religion and is not really a church. The Church of All Worlds is a place where someone can go to learn the martian language, way of thinking, and all that it has to offer. Michael uses the Church to teach humans of the martian way of life and way of viewing the universe. It is what Michael views as the humans salvation from themselves. To avoid all of the Wars, famines and wrongness that Michael sees, Michael tries to spread the Martian way of grokking and water sharing to humans so that they can live in peace and truly love.

The ways of humans; greed, manipulation, lies, and overall ignorance leads to Bishop Short of the Fosterite Faith to declare a holy war against the Church of All Faith's and declare Michael as the Antichrist. Michael can avoid the crusaders all he wants since he has a supreme understanding of the universe. He could make every single one vanish if he really wanted to, but that is not Michael. Michael understands that his mission is to convert and spread the martian way of life to humans so that they can ultimately live in harmony, but as Michael admits to Jubal that this goal is futile, He understands what he must do. Michael's work on earth is done, and now that his own earthling people hate him, he makes a last effort to help them and save them from themselves. Michael decides to preach to this angry mob outside of the Hotel that he and his followers are hiding in. Michael dies valiantly, by being pelted with rocks and bricks and rattled with shotgun pellets. Michael discorporates knowing that he has done has job on earth and has spread what he knows and understands. Michael's struggle with his real people on earth eventually leads him to discorporation but also to the happiness that, in time, he has taught all of humanity the martian ways but above all else, to grok and to love.

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