Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thou Art God

The Phrase, " Thou Art God", is the motto of the Church of All Worlds. It ties in with the Martian Old Ones way of thinking. It explains many reasons why Michael acts like he does. One simple phrase explains why Mike is not troubled by death, he glorifies it and takes it as an honor. Why do you ask? Why would Mike enjoy death? Well on Mars, the martians will eat the dead or those who have discorporated. Mike sees this, along with all other martians, as a true honor and it comes with great pride. If His martian people are starving , the one who discorporates to feed His people, is praised and honored. Mike sees this ritual as a great honor and does not phase him because he knows that,"thou art God". Thou Art God, is a theological principle that all martians follow. They do not fear death because Thou Art God. Mike states it as,'Thou art God,' Mike repeated serenely. 'That which groks. Anne is God. I am God. The happy grasses are God. Jill groks in beauty always. Jill is God." If you Grok, Thou Art God. No one is better than anyone else or anything else because Everyone and Everything is God. The grass is God, the trees are God. The martians believe in the phases of life as passing from adult martian to old one. So if you discorporate, or die, you become an old one, so no one really cares if they live or die because they are God and will become Old Ones. They live on Mars to understand each other, make water brothers, and Grok what they can. Eventually, this phrase becomes like a greeting mixed with a reflex. In the temple of The Church of All Worlds and other places where water brothers are present they greet each other with Thou art God and say it whenever a question is asked and understood. Thou Art God is what Mike was trying to teach to the World, While he was being pelted with rocks and being cursed out,"God Damn you!" He simply responded with," you are damning yourself because Thou art God. Which only resulted in more bricks and rocks being thrown. Those simple three words is what the Martian way of life means, Thou Art God. It ties in Love, Grokking,Water sharing, and everything and everyone that exists.

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