Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Jubal of The Nile

Jubal Harshaw is the kind of person that we all aspire to be some day.  He is a Lawyer/Doctor/Screen writer/Poet/Connoisseur  of fine arts. Although very aged when he meets Michael, it is a life changing experience for him. Jubal has already lived his glory days and is on the downward slide of life. Money is not a problem for Jubal and he spends his days at his compound in the Poconos. He lives there with his three secretaries, his gardener, and his handyman. Jubal is a very intelligent man and is revered as the one person you want in the courtroom or at the operating table. Jubal uses his secretaries to write his screenplays, poems and short stories to sell to papers and directors. Jubal sounds like an amazing man who is happily living out the rest of years in paradise, right? Well, the one thing that Jubal lacks is a spiritual direction. Jubal was brought up baptist but has since renounced his faith and is sort of an observer of all faiths but not a follower of any. He educates himself on many different religions and understands some better than their own followers. He understand them so well that when he was explaining them to Michael, Jubal was mistaken as a follower of a few. Jubal's understanding of faith and his direction of spirituality was changed after meeting Michael. Michael taught Jubal how to love, grok, and understand life. Michael views Jubal as the only human that does not know martian but knows how to grok in fullness. Jubal ends up outliving Michael, but with Michael's legacy, Jubal begins to find his direction and complete his life.

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