Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Language Barrier

The Language barrier separates not only the basic communications between Mike and the Martians and the earthlings but also the emotional connections and spiritual connections  through grokking and water sharing.  The language barrier that separates Mike (speaking martian) and Jill, along with the other water brothers(English and Arabic) from really communing with each other. Mike could connect with Jill and Jubal through only English but not on the level that could be achieved speaking in martian. The water sharing between Mike and his followers allowed them to share a connection together, beyond what anyone can imagine. They were so connected that Mike and higher trained followers could view life through the eyes of their water brothers. This takes grokking to the literal level of observing through the observed. This level of connection among water brothers could only be accomplished through speaking and thinking in Martian. Thinking in Martian was key, without this, all water brothers were limited in their connections and advancing in their grokking by only speaking English. Michael was limited in communicating with us humans because he did not know English or other languages. Dr. Mahmoud, the first of Michael's water brothers to understand Martian explained it as language being like a map. Without a certain map you may not understand a language along with it's culture. Mike did not have the "map of English" so to speak, so he did not understand the ways of man or what they were saying. But over time he understood English almost to it's fullest and along with it, the culture of man/america. This applies the same to Earthlings learning Martian, they were lost in their thinking and only when they understood martian, did they begin to grok the culture and understand all that their thinking had to offer.

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