Sunday, December 1, 2013

Retro Future

The setting of Stranger in A Strange Land is like that of any old 50's comic books. It is like like the Jetson's but instead of being in space it is here on earth. We have to keep in mind though, that this book was written in the late 50's and is supposed to take place in the future, i.e now. If we think of how the 50's culture thought of the future, we think of many robots, flying cars, and spacemen. This really is exactly the setting of Stranger in a Strange Land. The setting feels very retro-y. All cars fly, and are driven by robots. Most everything is automated. But the idea of the internet is very vacant. Phones have transformed into a video screen in order to connect with someone but are always land lined. There are no cell phones ant to use a phone you must access a car, house, or booth. The idea of space exploration in the 50's with the introduction of better rocket technology really furthered the idea of space exploration in the future. Michael was a human born on Mars and many space ships were starting to explore mars. The moon has had civil wars over who owned it. Later on in the book, it mentioned that a space exploration team has successfully landed on Pluto. And there were talks of sending teams to Jupiter. The 50's retro idea of the future really takes over this book. I do not see the futuristic society that we see now playing any role in this book, but a more retro World that is advanced but is the literal image of the futurism craze of the 50's. Full of Robots and flying cars.

This is sort of how I viewed the cities described in the book

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